Do you think you can Tweet? A workshop for Mature Business Owners

I recently learned that 40% of the Edmontonians read the news on Twitter! I was shocked! 

After thinking about it for a couple of days I finally realized that I was totally in denial mode. 
I use to think: "Twitter is not for my age group, it is too fast for me, It's hard, and more silly excuses! Suddenly hit me! I was absolutely terrify to learn something new!

I got the phone, call Pam Robertson, owner of Ladybird Files and specialist in Social Media and set up an appointment.The next morning when I told her my concern she laugh! She said: "You are not alone my friend! Let's have a workshop! 

Why Pam? Well, she is a mature business owner, with great experience and she is having a successful tweeting life!

So let's roll up the sleeves, get your gadgets ready, set up a twitter account and join us for an evening of fun and hands-on learning and why not some shopping!!!

Ticket cost $47 
To register and buy your ticket go to

Mariana Konsolos
Mariana Konsolos